Two Tear-Jerker Commercials

In honour of Labour Day weekend, here are two awesome videos that made my eyes well up.  Never mind that one is a commercial for scotch and the other for life insurance.  These two commercials got it right.  Watch and enjoy.


Unsung Hero

A young man’s kindness may not bring him fame, but it will make a difference.  Wow, this one nails it!

I Read Your Book

An elderly man learns to read for a special purpose.  Oh this one made me choke up!


Illegal Baby Names

And speaking of babies, there are actually baby names that are illegal! And thus, to make sure that you remain a law-abiding citizen, watch this video.

Why do I keep ranting about baby names? Well, I’ve named my baby at long last… My novel, that is.

It is called We The Living. It is an apocalyptic story (which may include the odd zombie horde) and is due to be published mid year.

Are there book names that are illegal? Well, I guess I don’t know. But if it involves ‘fifty’ or ‘shades’ or ‘grey’ or (heaven forbid) ‘twilight,’ I heartily recommend jail time.

Three Videos Every Single Should Watch This Valentine’s Day… Or Not

I’m tired of serious articles about singleness and how hard it is, and how I’m moving on.   So, I’ve gone to my old friend YouTube.  No, these clips aren’t that life changing. But, if you’re feeling sorry for yourself this Valentine’s day, why don’t you put your feet up, grab some chocolate and check ’em out?

And be happy you’re not Penelope the cat.

Pepie La Pew

And be happy you’re not these people.


And listen to this advice.

Oh No, I’m Single! I’m Going to Die!

Feel better?

Life is good.