The Sunshine Award!


I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award.  Thanks to Schizo Incognito for the nomination!

The rules state that receivers of the award must state 11 things about themselves, and then nominate 10 blogs for the award.  I will do the eleven things, and I will nominate a few blogs for the award as well, though maybe not ten.

11 Things About Me

1.  I don’t have WiFi at home, and generally post from either Tim Hortons or McDonalds… or the Library where it’s free (but no coffee–what fun is that?).  Tim Hortons today.

2.  I began blogging in May while I was unemployed.  My original plan was to post excerpts from a novel I was then writing, which is where the name “Children of the Words” came from.  I since ditched the novel and kept the blog.

3.  I write speculative fiction, and will be publishing my first novel, a zombie/apocalyptic/dystopian novel later this year.

4.  I laugh at my own writing, and then I feel like a narcissist.

5.  I bought my first car in October.  It’s very small, very red, and it’s name is Strawberry.

6.  I don’t own a TV.  Most people think that’s weird.

7.  I hate it when people say they don’t have time to write.  I work two jobs and I still have time to write.  Probably because I don’t have a TV.

8.  Apparently I’m morbid.  I do not know where this comes from.

9.  I enjoy listening to audios and podcasts–LIFE Leadership specifically.

10. I laugh randomly a lot.  Don’t ask me to explain.  It won’t make sense.

11. I have two parents and three siblings, and that is fantastic.

And, if you got through all that, blogs I nominate!

The Art in Life.  Hannah has a way of seeing the beauty in ordinary things, and making her life look very, very cool.

Letters to Lindsay.  Terri Brady is a entrepreneur, leadership expert and mom.  She teaches powerful lessons through stories.

Angela Suzanne.  Angela is an upcoming young writer.  I just got to read a draft version of her next novel and really enjoyed it.

Unsolicited Tidbits.  It’s written by a teacher of philosophy who happens to be very articulate and amusing.  I think I’d like to be in her philosophy classes.

And that’s all I have time for today.  Check these out!  And thanks again to Schizo Incognito for the shout-out.