Roll Up the Rim is Gambling! (A True Theological Dilemma)

I’m on such a losing streak. I’ve yet to win anything in Roll up the Rim. Nothing, not even a donut. This year each cup even has two rolls on it and I’m still skunked.


But I roll anyway, because I remember The Streak. It was a college kid’s dream. I rolled a rim and won a coffee, which won another coffee, which won another coffee, which won another. Tim Hortons didn’t make any money on me that year, oh no. Never mind that I was only buying coffee there because it was Roll up the Rim…

The other day, my sister and I had a perfectly serious conversation about what we would do if we won the car (sell it), and this morning as I pulled into the drive-through, I said “Oh Lord, if I could only win something big…”

It dawned on me this morning, as I rolled out of the drive-through, that this Roll up the Rim thing may be… it might be **whispers** gambling.


You don’t say. A good Mennonite? Gambling?

Well, if you think about it, a cup of coffee is almost the same price as a bet at the local horse races (that place of sin and debauchery).

What is a Mennonite to do? Maybe I need help. Maybe I should buy coffee exclusively at McDonalds where I am at least guaranteed a sticker for my rewards card–a return on my investment. Perhaps that would be better stewardship of my God-given resources.

Or maybe buying coffee at Tim's is too worldly all together! Never mind that NOT going to Timmies makes me un-Canadian or something. Mennonites don't really do the patriotism thing. Everyone knows that.

Well, if I ever win the car, I will tithe once I sell it. I promise. That makes it okay, right? Right?

I hope my good Mennonite friends will recognize satire when they see it ūüôā

The Halftime Report

Hey! ¬†Long time no… see, read, whatever.

As some of you will recall, I haven’t been blogging because I’m participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), in which writers endeavour to write a 50,000 word novel. ¬†I thought, ‘hey, this will be insane. ¬†I can’t blog’. ¬†And, I was wrong-ish.

Here’s how it’s going so far.

Today is 18 days in, just past half, and I am sitting at 40210 words–well past target. ¬†I’ve had several days when I have been able to write 5000+ words. ¬†Making 1700 words isn’t as hard as I thought. ¬†Not to say it’s all been wine and roses. ¬†It has really pushed me to write when I don’t feel like it, am tired, or can’t think of anything–to get out and push, or shovel, when I got stuck.

And that is the sort of discipline that every writer needs.

I’ve also learned about structure and organizing. ¬†I am writing from a scene-by-scene outline, and while it hasn’t been perfect, it has helped keep things moving, on target, and in a proper structure. ¬†I’m a by-the-book person. ¬†I want a perfect 3 act structure (not possible, but we’ll try).

I’ve learned that whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. ¬†Cliche, I know, but my big reason to NOT do NaNo was that the most I’d written in a month was 30,000 words, and that was when I was unemployed. ¬†Definitely NOT unemployed now. ¬†But, it turns out I am far more disciplined than I was just six months ago.

I’ve learned a few random things as well. ¬†For instance, while procrastinating I learned that the Graham Norton show is very entertaining. ¬†And, while writing at McDonalds, I was watching the TV from the corner of my eye and got a small education about the UFC. ¬†I don’t understand it at all, but I find it a most interesting psychological study (bet you never expected to see ‘UFC’ and ‘psychological’ in the same sentence). ¬†As a Mennonite and a pacifist, I don’t know what to think about it. ¬†Anyone care to ‘splain?

I’ve drank way too much coffee, and listened to way too much music, and watched at least one really weird movie.

Good times, in other words.

Stay tuned for scenes from “Sons of Earth”.

The possibilities are endless.

Over and out.