5 Fun Things Challenge

Why do people keep telling me to have fun?  Why does the idea of ‘rest’ keep coming up?


I think God is trying to tell me something.  Be it Kristen Lamb’s fabulous article “The War on Fun” or LIFE Leadership’s The Serious Power of Fun (a whole book to persuade me to have more fun), and even workaholic UFC fighter, Georges St. Pierre’s book are telling me to rest more and, for the love of Pete, have more fun!

My coworker saw me on my run last night and this morning she commented on my self discipline.  I said I might just be a chronic overachiever, which is my term for someone who couldn’t lighten up if they tried.

I theorize that if I took more time to rest (yes, even nap) and do fun things, I would have fewer slumps.

So, I propose a challenge.  I like challenges.

For five days, starting tomorrow, I must do one thing purely for enjoyment.  5 days, 5 fun things.

As a warmup exercise I parked Strawberry, my Toyota Yaris, beside a smart car so that Strawberry could feel big.  That gave me a giggle.

Does anyone have suggestions?  Anyone want to join me?

C’mon.  It’ll be fun!

Now, I realize that on the cover of this blog I am laughing.  Yes, I do have fun.  I flatter myself to be a fun person.  But in this case my cousin was telling me a funny story so I would laugh while my sister took the picture.


10 thoughts on “5 Fun Things Challenge

  1. Pick some random magazine, get into a photo studio and tell them you want to replicate the pose of who ever is on the front cover of the mag you picked. . .

      1. Am a photographer that’s why am recommending it. . A photo shoot is always fun specially when it’s for that crazy purpose “fun” …. No boundaries

      2. Recently I took pictures with some good friends. We told each other hilarious stories of things we did together in order to get pictures of us looking relaxed and happy. That was fun.

      3. Yeah. . . A shoot is always better with friends around and if the photographer has an understanding of the chemistry within the group! He wud jus be clicking away without waiting for a formal pose or smile. . . A spur of the moment shoot out

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