You Will Feel Like a Goof

Chris Brady said:

Our society has fashioned an odd double-mindedness when it comes to success. Everyone wants to see the baby, but no one wants to hear about the labor pains. But success requires pressure and pain, and as we overcome resistance and opposition, there will inevitably be times when we ask ourselves, “Is this really what the successful ones did? They did that?”

I will never forget the early days of doing my part working on the rough draft of the manuscript for Orrin Woodward’s and my first bestseller Launching a Leadership Revolution. I was alone in my house, typing away, feeling like a phony [sic] writing nonsense. Only later would I learn in talking to other authors that most of them have felt this way too, even sometimes after already having several successful books in the marketplace! The flip side of feeling like a goof is that eventually, if you stay at it long enough, you will feel like a champion.

–from his book

I thought I’d share that with you. At the moment I’m preparing for Monday to come, and praying that this is a better week (work-wise) than the previous. As a writer, I’m at a bit of a low. Frankly, I feel like a goof and a phoney–as if ‘who’m I kidding?’

But maybe I’m not so far off after all?



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