Geralyn Wichers

"Life is a great adventure, or nothing"

Last night I dreamt I was having dinner with Bill Gates and his wife. I have no idea where this came from. I don’t even own a PC.

Not that I’d mind having dinner with the couple. I bet they’re interesting. I’d just have to hide my iPhone. Or better yet, avoid the topic of technology all together.

Vivid dreams are normal for me. I’ve always had them. I can remember a wacky dream I had when I was seven or eight about this lion that was stalking our house and throwing apple-shaped bananas at the window. No joke.

My dreams come in a few different varieties: the adventure type (my favourite) in which I embody a character in a scary or adventurous scenario. There are the ‘searching dreams.’ I hate these. In these I search for something Important, I.e. my keys, my shoes or my swipe-card for work. I can never find it, and I’m always running late. Torture.

I recently dreamt that I was missing my work shoes, and by the time I found them and went onto the production floor, no one was there. They were all in the pool (my work doesn’t have a pool…) and outside there was a thunderstorm, and the rock formations around the building collapsed and blew out the windows and there was dust everywhere so I waded over to the gowning station and put on a dust mask. I mean, obviously a pharmaceutical plant would have dust masks in its pool room.

Oh, and then there are the embarrassing dreams. Usually these involve nudity.

A couple weeks ago I dreamt that I was at my parents house, and decided to streak from the shower to my bedroom. I came sauntering out, in the buck, just as two guests arrived. I greeted them with great dignity, and then dashed into the bathroom to hide. I’d just wrapped myself in a towel when I heard someone clear their throat. I turned, and there was a friend of mine, sitting on the toilet.

Why did they leave the door unlocked, anyway?!

Anyone who interprets dreams would have a heyday on me. What does this mean? I am afraid of being exposed? Afraid of swimming pools? Afraid of losing?

I lose things all the time, so I suppose that’s true.

The upside: my dreams have inspired me more than once. We The Living: an Apocalypse, the novel which I intend to publish mid-year, was inspired by a dream about zombies.

But Bill Gates?

Well, I’ve never had a prophetic dream yet, so I guess my MacBook is safe.


6 thoughts on “Dinner With Bill Gates (and other bewildering dreams)

  1. anneonyodi says:

    I don’t know about you, but i take my dreams seriously and they do come to pass in one way or another. Who knows? You could be dinning with the Gates pretty soon!

    1. I don’t think I’ve had any dreams come true–not ‘night’ dreams. Certainly my day dreams have come true! How have your dreams come to pass?

      1. anneonyodi says:

        Yes. Both night and day.

  2. Jessica says:

    I recently had a dream in which I owned an iPhone.
    I woke up laughing.

    1. Jessica says:

      Sorry, to anyone who doesn’t know our sisterly banter. I am an enthusiastic Android owner, which is the opposite of Geralyn, but my comment was not supposed to be a mean jab at iPhone users. 🙂

      1. Ah, but then you’d have Facetime. Really, admit it. You wish you had Facetime.

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