How are the New Year’s Resolutions?

The end of February approaches. I can’t wait for the warm, puddly days of March. I love spring.

The last couple months have passed so fast. Wasn’t New Year’s Day just… yesterday? You may remember how I hemmed and hawed over my resolutions, scared to commit. Well, I eventually banged out two pages worth of goals, in areas such as health, career and writing.

Sucker for punishment, I guess.

Two months in, I am proud to say that I’ve completed three resolutions–two halves and two ‘wholes.’ The first was no trouble: watch the third season of Sherlock. Done! And with relish. Now to wait for the next season.

The second was to become qualified in the making of solutions and suspensions at work (they coat the outside of your pills). Done.

The third was to submit two “continuous improvement” suggestions at work. I’ve submitted one.

And the other was to reach 400 subscribers to this blog, and a certain number of views per week. Well, I guess I shot a little low on that one. I passed 400 last week. Thanks!

It makes me wonder if I’ve thought too small in my other resolutions–for fear of not being able to accomplish them.

I’ve learned that some of my goals will not be accomplished the way I thought. That’s okay. The goal remains, the plans change. Naturally, I resolved to lose weight this year. Well, the plan I started with was awful. I hated it. So now, after plenty of research, I am slowly incorporating a new way of eating into my lifestyle. Fingers crossed.

How about you? Did you set resolutions? Have you accomplished any yet?

You know, even if you’ve broken your resolutions, there’s a heck of a lot of year left. It’s not too late. Be encouraged.

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